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I am a regional caller from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Here you will find video from conventions, special dances, and a visually impaired group.

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— Caller Kenny


I started my calling carrier in 1975 at the ripe old age of 14 after the national convention that year.  I had bought 4 records 3 singers and a hoedown.  After my dance teacher found out I’d bought them he told me to choose one and practice up. By October I had done the first singing call and was hooked.

I bought my teacher’s old calling equipment and some more records.  And by 1976, still too young to drive a car, my parents took me to my first professional dance for the Salamanca Sea Saws in New York State.  Later, in 1977, at a caller’s school in Columbus OH, under the tutelage of Stan Burdick and John Kaltenthaler, I learned about timing and calling on beat. (And about Stan’s windmill system of calling!)

In 1980 I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto Ontario Canada where I helped put on a western square dance dmeo. By late 1981 I had moved to North Carolina to work and joined clubs in the area.  By 1982 I was calling demos regularly for the Warsaw Sea Saws and calling for the Clinton Grand Squares. 

A second round of college studies put my calling on the sidelines until after finding my wife, graduating college, and having children.

In 1991 my family and I moved to Chardon, OH where we reviewed the plus level of dancing with the Mapletowns.  A club member found out I’d been calling and talked me into doing a tip at lessons.  After the tip the club asked me to renew his music license.

My wife, Debbie, and I were active in square dancing in the Cleveland area. I met Bob Calkins and he asked me to start calling advanced. Bob and I started advanced workshops for the Friday Night Mixers, enabling them to hold classes and increase their club size. I’ve taught several regular classes in the area for Mapletowns, Hubs, Buckeyes, and Shawnees.

In 2013 Debbie and I went to the National Square Dancer Association’s National Campout. The following year we started the Buckeye Ramblers Chapter of the organization in the northeast Ohio area.

In 2018, Debbie tragically passed away.

The following year, I met Patty Setlock at square dance lessons. Patty and I have been dancing together ever since.

In 2019 I took over teaching duties at “The Hubs” club. Of course, COVID shut that down just as we were almost done.

Patty and I have attended several conventions together. We hope to be able to do so much more!

2 Old Goats & The Kid Plus Weekend.  Calling with John Ramsey.

Most of the dancers you see in this video are visually impaired -- but they are having a ball square dancing!

Most of the dancers you see in this video are visually impaired -- but they are having a ball square dancing!

Our "Sweet Heart" dance held on Valentine's Day weekend.

West Virginia Square Dance Convention


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